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SAIC Velcorex since 1828

1828 : cotton trade and threads

The Société Anonyme d’Industrie Cotonnière is founded in Mulhouse, Alsace, France, and specializes in cotton trade and threads.

 SAIC : corduroy  

1930 : corduroy weaving and finishing

Production evolves towards fabric weaving and finishing, especially for corduroy fabric.
   Sportswear fabric Velcorex
 Sportswear fabric Velcorex  

1970 : Velcorex brand is borned

Despite the economic crisis, SAIC grows rapidly and contributes to create the Sportswear market with the launch of Velcorex brand. The company’s name quickly turns into SAIC Velcorex.
 SAIC Velcorex : stretch fabric  

1995 : stretch fabric

Sticking to trends, SAIC Velcorex develops an expertise in fashionable stretch fabrics and introduces its first womenswear product line.

Teinture et finition de tissus  

1998 : fabric dyeing and finishing in the United States

Thanks to its industrial know-how, SAIC Velcorex is able to locate its fabric production tools next to its customers’ largest garment making areas. After a ten-year-growth in the US market, SAIC Velcorex opens a fabric dyeing and finishing plant in Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA, to better serve its American customers.


2000 : a new Denim fabric

SAIC Velcorex launches a New Denim fabric concept introducing its "evolving » jeanswear line : EVOLUTIVE JEANS.

2002 : new corduroy fabrics

SAIC Velcorex launches Streaky corduroys which bring a great differenciation in the corduroy field. Streaky process is patented by SAIC VELCOREX.



2004 : industrial partnership in Asia

In order to anticipate market changes and be closer to garment makers areas, SAIC VELCOREX set up an industrial partnership in Asia. This fabric production platform will progressively take over he american mill of Orangeburg.
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2006 : Technical know-how : Time Aged fabric line

SAIC VELCOREX relies on his french dyeing mill Expertise to develop a new process which updates the washdown effects of the fabrics.


2007 : Bio cotton fabric by Velcorex

SAIC VELCOREX is strongly committed regarding production impact and lauches an authentic and high level cotton fabric range elaborated with biologic cotton fibers.
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2009 : "Denim Cord"

SAIC VELCOREX present the new "denim cord" range at Denim by Première Vision.

2011 :

the new Cie VELCOREX since 1828 in a partnership with PHILEA TEXTILES specialized in creative women products lanched new innovative "fashion effect" corduroys.

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